Rictameter #6


Be still!
Discernment calls,
Distraction thrives on noise,
Self-control induces insight,
Rewarding all who wait, biding their time;
Poorer those weighed down by care,
By busyness impaired,
Goodness resounds
Be still!

ยฉMeanderings 2016

19 responses to “Rictameter #6

  1. Ah to be still, what a paradise that would be!

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  2. Beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

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  3. Great if they would all be patient and still. Great image.

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  4. We all need a little quiet time for sure!xxx

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  5. Very good advice, E! Relax and enjoy nature.
    This flower is great! The center reminds me of a fancy breakfast menu item…a scrap of green leaf, with bits of bacon and chicken arranged artfully with hard-boiled egg. Yummy!

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  6. I love this reminder to be still! HUGE hugs!

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