Summer Mini-Monos #4


In the sun,
Meet someone,
On the run,
All well done,
To have fun!

Jog ten miles,
Wearing smiles,
Hurdling stiles,
Sipping vials,
Friendship piles!

©Meanderings 2016


24 responses to “Summer Mini-Monos #4

  1. good one, E! I couldn’t jog ten miles if I wanted to. 🙂

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  2. I really like this one but that sixth line has never been more than a dream for me…:)

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  3. Love the previous two comments:);)xx

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  4. If only we all could jog….xxx

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  5. Have a walk in the sun. Lovely blue bloom.

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  6. Jog ten miles. Haven’t jogged in years. All I do now is walk.

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  7. I was with you until the “jog ten miles”. I fear a hearse would be required to pick up my remains! 😀

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  8. Love it especially that last stanza. The road’s calling me. Time to go pound that pavement!

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