Hourglass #9


Facing the Unknown,
Timid Creatures,
Void of Trust,
Yield to
After Truth,
Shunning Danger,
Suffer for Their Faith!

©Meanderings 2016

20 responses to “Hourglass #9

  1. Great image and words.

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  2. And I meant to say…..words that are so appropriate for today:)

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  3. Amazing image of life. Loved your words.

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  4. afterglowwhispers

    Beautifully penned

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  5. This is so relevant, I loved the photo too. xxx

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  6. the bee sure is intent on his work…very good… 🙂

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  7. A beautiful contrast between the top and bottom of your hourglass.

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  8. okay after reading this little gem, I feel like hitching up my trusty beast and setting out in search of truth 🙂

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