Lanturne #1




On your way,

Peace precedes you,


©Meanderings 2016

Series for the week – studies in Lanturne Poems!

23 responses to “Lanturne #1

  1. Such sound advice….xx

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  2. Lovely photo. Good advice. Have a good one.

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  3. LOVELY!
    Hi I’ve nominated you for ‘The Liebster award’ ( I love doing this award because I get to know so much about other people) I want to know more about you and your Blog. I’ve accepted it loads of times. If you don’t wish to accept it -please take it as a compliment.

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  4. Ah peace….wonderful, my friend. Hugs! ❤️

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  5. Your posts are full of kindness and humility. Of peace. Thank you. Blessings always.


  6. love the Lanturn week… what a cool idea devoting a series of a particular form. I am not familiar with this one…love the form of the form. 🙂


  7. How sweet. Love the

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  8. Beautiful rose and accompanying verse 🙂 A petal for your thoughts my friend!

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