Septolet #5


smile emoticon kolobok

Uninvited, Uncensored,
Often cunningly insidious,
Invade uninformed minds –

To the thinkers!

©Meanderings 2016

smile emoticon kolobok

9 responses to “Septolet #5

  1. Mann Kaundal

    The picture is so beautiful. I saw it again. and your words so true…thoughts are not easily tamed.

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  2. so bad too over analyse.

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  3. Lovely photo. Some os uf do think things to death.

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    • Thanks… need to ‘over think’ things…equally..even less helpful to ‘under think’…or even worse ‘not think’ things through. 😉


  4. Great image. Thoughts need to be positive.


  5. Oh yes….well said you!xxx


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