Elfje #6


Het hallol

Be Still!
Hear, Gentle robin
Serenade his captive audience –

©Meanderings 2016

Tot Ziens

11 responses to “Elfje #6

  1. Listen to the sound of nature.

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  2. A standing ovation for sure!! Love the sounds of robins! Hugs! ❤

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  3. moonskittles

    Love the gentle robin. A beautiful creation! Hugs!
    Dajena ❤


  4. I stumbled upon your blog by accident. Enjoyed your photos and elfjes.
    One curious question: the word ‘elfje’ is Dutch, as far as I know ( second meaning is ‘fairy’) How did those elfjes find their way to the blog of someone British?( British???) (the versatility of language: now I see your ‘elfjes’ like those mythical little creatures fluttering in the air, spreading a sense of beauty!)
    If this question is too personal, please consider it as not posed.

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    • Thanks for your kind interest….Poetry in its many forms interest me immensely….Like Music, Poetry is its own distinctive language transcending cultures or language….. Thanks for popping…
      BTW: I’m conversant with Dutch…. Hugs!


  5. nice use of the elfje form!


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