Going Dutch – Elfje #1


Het hallol

Sunlit surroundings
In secluded garden,
Haven for broken-hearted,

©Meanderings 2016

Tot Ziens

14 responses to “Going Dutch – Elfje #1

  1. lovely peaceful garden, quite how I fancy my own…in my dreams 🙂
    Saw the doe again this morning, but my camera and my brain just couldn’t synchronize in time. I really need a photography-for-idiots book!

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  2. nice elfji… it is a sweet form 🙂

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  3. moonskittles

    Looks gorgeous Bushka! Lovely words!
    Please have a gorgeous week!
    ~ Dajena ❤

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  4. Beautiful scene in that photograph

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  5. Your garden ,Babs? You have done a handsome job 🙂 – very loved flowers and plants indeed. 🙂

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  6. Nice little garden to relax in for a while.

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