By the Brook on the Moor!


Meandering your way across the time honoured stone,
More often more accompanied than alone;
More soothing sounds there be not, but the clone,
Midst heathered hills, of two souls being one.

©Late Harvest 2009

smile emoticon kolobok

P.S. Revisited this place which brought back memories of years ago.

smile emoticon kolobok

18 responses to “By the Brook on the Moor!

  1. Lovely words, lovely spot. I could get lost there for a few hours 😊 Hugs!

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  2. Beautiful words and image.

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  3. Beautiful wrods. Two souls being one – a perfect finale for this poem.

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  4. Mann Kaundal

    More accompanied than alone. Perfect picture to express the feeling.

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  5. Love the words and image….thank you Janet:)xx

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  6. Oh! this made me want to revisit many different watersides! Plans for the weekend *check*. Thanks for the inspiration!!! ☺


  7. What a beautiful pic! I loved this and know exactly where you’re coming


  8. ah yes, a beautiful spot “-)


  9. Oh, peaceful and yes, nice be accompanied in such a spot..


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