To Be!!! – A Nonet!


Gentle footfalls whisper down the aisle,
As darkness, still, shields souls at prayer,
First light rays through stained glass sneak,
A sign of rising sun,
Harbinger of Life,
For One and All,
Called to be,

©Meanderings 2016

24 responses to “To Be!!! – A Nonet!

  1. Love the alliteration – very effective, and the form perfectly echoes the thought.

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  2. yes, I like your Nonet a lot… nice one!

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  3. I can see it in my mind. Nicely done!

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  4. such finesse in your writing . love love love. SO few words say so much . I am the complete opposite 🙂

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  5. Good job, I tend to run a little off when trying to stay within a set parameter…:)

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  6. Very good Elliot. you are becoming quite expert in this style.

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  7. excellent nonet! The first couple lines a gorgeous! The finish is perfect too 🙂

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  8. Your writing is always so special. You paint lovely images with your words.

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  9. I can’t get over this poem. The depth that in conveyed by you the writer is is simply astounding. This is a piece that I will lay in bed dreaming about tonight. Please continue to captivate us with your words. The dreams are so sweet a last they fall fast. To mesmerize is to reverberate the oh so sullen whispers of a past Autumn. I would love if you would follow my blog as well. Thank you for your piece.

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