Lest We Forget….Sonnet!


Consistent Time unhurried wends his way,
While Homo sapiens in haste proceed,
For one the cycle’s ever here to stay,
The other will its journey end indeed.
No mortal can this system overthrow,
Nor can the final passage he suspend;
‘Tis easier all hurry to forego,
Thereby his present tenure to extend;
Each season brings its bloom and blush in time
Embracing any untoward with grace;
In all the heart of Nature beats sublime,
Even in those who wear no human face.
The treasure of each life in gilt engrave,
Lest we forget all end up in the grave.

Β©Meanderings 2016

15 responses to “Lest We Forget….Sonnet!

  1. Powerful message. Well done. Be well.

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  2. Lovely – most impressed! Great puns – very shakespearean πŸ˜‰

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  3. Great contribution William, I mean Elliot. Enjoy ones time on this earth. Will be there long after we have departed.

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  4. I just loved this, we all need to slow down and look with eyes that truly see. Lovely feather too.xxx

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  5. wow, you blew that sonnet away. well done! I struggle with the meter but you nailed it! Bravo!

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  6. I say to myself a lot…help me to take heed lest I should forget and fall. This reminded me of this. Humbling for sure! ❀ Hugs to you!

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    • Helpful to remind ourselves….I enjoyed writing this…in fact, I get great pleasure from crafting these Sonnets…. πŸ˜‰ Hugs! ❀


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