She left the room –
Her fragrance lingered…….
Her tall,
Brown-costumed elegance
The beguiled assembly
Of ogling air cadets.

© Mindful Musings 2013

smile emoticon kolobok


23 responses to “Enchanted!!!!

  1. Wow! Your poems are so beautiful…I hope some day I write as well as you 🙂 Cheers

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  2. Lovely, my friend!! Hugs!

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  3. I gather from your descriptive powers that a few of us ‘Gray Hair’ denizens may have been doing some ogling as well…:)

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  4. Bravo. A beautiful write. Some women linger long after they leave the room.

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  5. oh my, she sounds lovely.

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  6. Very beautiful….image and words…xxx

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  7. Enchanting this rose is stunning. I love the bright pink. Beautiful capture! Hugs hugs 💕💟🔆🔆

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  8. Thia had me smiling. Love that rose.xxx

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  9. Memories, memories! Beautiful image.

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