Well Shod!


They lay well hid from searching eyes,
Obscured by underbrush;
Their spent demeanour scarce belies
Yon halcyon days of rush.

Black high-heeled had good tales to tell
Of beaux and belles and beds;
Of reds and whites and zinfandel,
Never a path to dread.

Bald tongueless gaped in wide-eyed glee,
Dreaming of yesteryear;
A roaming rambler, life’s debris,
Never without good cheer.

Here in this final resting place,
Two disparate paths converged;
Acceptant of their fates with grace,
Let them now be submerged.

The One, danced and danced…
The Other walked and walked….

©Mindful Musings 2013

23 responses to “Well Shod!

  1. You have me stumped on this one,,,,,,,,,,but I’ll be back..:)

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  2. Beautiful words and image…xx

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  3. Fitting words for the photo. Love the way the flower blooms around the lifelessness around it.

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  4. another lovely poem to start my morning 🙂


  5. Lovely lines.

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  6. Interesting lines and image. You outdo yourself.

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  7. Well HI! How are you? I love that you mentioned high heels in the last two poems. I take it you like that way they look and I have to agree with you something about a great pair of heels makes my day! I love this post! hugs hugs!

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  8. I am back at last. I have been accused of seeing things from a different viewpoint than others do. I see something that is possibly triggered by an old memory of my own; but whatever the case may be, here is what I see here. The setting here reminds me of your earlier posting “The Rock.” There you have a picture of an old log bench slowly being overgrown by ivy. I can ‘see’ the scenes you have depicted here as having taken place in the presence of this old log bench and it, as the rock, is recalling some of its favorite episodes.

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