Low, lingering twilight,
Ooze along the northern skyline,
Occident to Orient;
Darkest at the nadir,
Furthest from the light –
Never fully night.

Within a wooden hut,
Alone with man and beast,
Maiden moaned benignly;
Through her trying hour,
Watched by wakeful eyes,
A smile flickered.

Slowly, inexorably,
Subdued light begins to wax,
Murkiness recedes;
A golden glow grows,
Heralding birth –
A new beginning.

©Autumn Ambles 2010

Picture: Midnight Sun taken July/2010…

18 responses to “Emergence!!!!¬

  1. You have a way with words the young should envy and us older highly esteem…:)

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  2. beautiful! That first stanza was a stunner-wow!

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  3. The words were perfect for the amazing photo. Also like the way you ended it.

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  4. Great contribution Elliot.

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  5. A New Beginning…that phrase has such an impact in light of this poem! Well done 🙂

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  6. OH wow you know I love this! I’m always watching for the sunrise! I love the vibrant colors your captured! You got my attention here! ❤ Hugs my friend!

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  7. Good….Glad to like it…a magical experience to see the sun never set….that moment of eternal Light….. 😉 Hugs! ❤


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