A myriad belles adorned in white,
Arraign the vernal morn,
Sweet snowdrops craft a fetching sight
To welcome burgeoning dawn,
No time to feel forlorn!

©Meanderings 2016

18 responses to “Hail!!!!!

  1. Love your words and love your emoticons! 🙂

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  2. Love words and image. Just returned home after battling Jake’s high winds….however, the flowers and blossom seem to be surviving it all…Janet. xx

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  3. cheery white snowdrops…we have quite another type this morning. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful words. I love those emoticons.

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  5. beautiful, it’s like a salutation to the morning

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  6. What a lovely sight! Glad you enjoyed your retreat too! Here’s to spring!xxx

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  7. Yesterday in less than ten minutes our weather was sunshine – hail – lightning – thunder – rain – hail – rain – overcast. We just goreped out the window in disbelief


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