On Retreat….


Some may know that I  often repair to my very good friends in a Monastery in the north of England for my annual ‘Time for Replenishing’.  Have done this regularly for years -but for the past two – when circumstances prevented my going to stay with the Brethren for a week.

Have known some of the monks for over forty years – have had close links with the Community for decades. It is like ‘Home from Home’ for me….sharing in the daily rhythm of all aspects of Life in Community.

I shall be away from here from Monday..22nd to Monday..29th.

Needless to say…I shall be bearing all my family, friends…..as well as ‘adversaries’.. in my prayerful thoughts!

Be Blest!

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41 responses to “On Retreat….

  1. I will so appreciate your prayers during your time of replenishment! Thank you!

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  2. Yes i remember this bushka pray for my health too please. X

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  3. I remember this well….have a beautiful stay filled with prayer and contemplation. Janet. xx

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  4. Bless you. Enjoy and replenish.

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  5. I’ve been feeling for some replenishing as well… It’s also good to find time to turn inwards. That’s the only place I find true joy; in reverence with God. Thanks for sharing Bushka

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  6. 2 Peter 1 :3 says it all. Enjoy your time with your brethren.

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  7. Have a wonderful, peaceful, ‘open’ time and we look forward to your return with your batteries charged.

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  8. Make up for it this year. We await some new words of wisdom on your return.

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  9. I am glad you can go this year.:)xx

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  10. Enjoy your experience, will appreciate the prayers. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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  11. Have a Blessed time!

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  12. Sometimes it helps to find for a little while tranquility.

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  13. Oh wow. I think this is wonderful to have a respite and quiet time. I love to do this too. It’s good for the heart and soul! Have a blessed time. I was missing amazing what you find out when you read! ❤ Hugs blessings and all things good to you! Renewal is a beautiful experience. 😀

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