To Love……

Mini Rose Studies (WP)

A filament of trust unites,
Transcending  time and space;
An ember in the heart ignites
When thoughts engage your face –
Awaiting your embrace!

© (Meanderings 2016)


24 responses to “To Love……

  1. So beautiful.:)xxx


  2. very lovely Valentine… 🙂 gorgeous red rose


  3. Very sweet valentines poem!


  4. Nice write, uncle! 👍


  5. Very beautiful….happy Valentines dear Bushka…Janet. xx

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  6. Ah, a lovely Valentine poem, Happy Day Bushka

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  7. Beautiful Bushka! Happy Valentines Day

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  8. Beautiful image and Valentine sentiments.

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  9. This is really sweet :))

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  10. Wow this certainly does delight the eyes. Beautiful soft red rose! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day! ❤

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  11. Awww, this is just gorgeous. Love the embers imagery a lot! 🙂

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  12. Very beautiful words to ponder.
    Keep on writing Bushka.

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