Sedoka #1

IMG_5426 (WP)


smile emoticon kolobok

Foggy afternoon,
Dismal mood the neighbourhood,
Soulless street an eerie feel,

Black cat on the wall,
Seagull alights on rooftop,
Indoors a lonely dog barks!

© Meanderings 2016

Note: Exploring New Format.

smile emoticon kolobok



13 responses to “Sedoka #1

  1. Your words describe this day so

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  2. This would go well near Halloween…:)

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  3. Sets the mood ..feeling shivers..

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  4. Yes….it’s inbetweeny type of weather isn’t it? Lovely writing and good to see your

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  5. I’ve only done one Sedoka. Yours is lovely and has inspired me to do another.

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  6. NIcely done. That image is spectacular.

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