Tetractys #2

Hardy Jenny(WP)

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Irritated –
To Anger’s wiles composure do not yield!

©Meanderings 2016

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29 responses to “Tetractys #2

  1. Love fascists.x

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  2. Fuscius

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  3. I am writing on a pad and the print is so small I can’t see it so excuse my mistakes.

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  4. I would love a book by you! Something like words to live by. Beautiful and wise.

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  5. 10, 10. charming form, good point.

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  6. You know you could do a book.

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  7. It takes a lot of discipline to not react to anger…..I’m not quite there yet, but do try not to, it’s so easy to escalate isn’t it? Don’t the wars come easy and don’t the peace come hard.xxx

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  8. Oh my gosh. I literally do always even when irritated. I take a breath and then out come my sweetest voice. I learned this years ago working with mostly men. When I use my tough voice we seem to lock horns. I was tricked Friday into this type of conversation and peddled my way out quickly. 🙂 You are wise with very few words you say so much! I’m adding this to my notes as a wonderful reminder! Hugs to you!

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