That Mysterious Picture…

Apropos of my previous post here this morning some comments have enquired after its provenance…. 🙄

The image posted was a tightly cropped close-up of a photograph of New Clematis growth in a flower pot outside our kitchen door….

Taken about this time last year (2015). Have just been out to see whether it has made its first appearance – signs, yes! Keeping my eye on it.

First, a repost of the this morning’s image….


Now…..the original from which this was enhanced and cropped…


Amazing what one can see close-up!



19 responses to “That Mysterious Picture…

  1. Beautiful ♥♥

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  2. Thanks for this post. Funny how an angle or close up can change perceptions. It is the same way in life. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I am amazed.:)xxx

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  4. I take a few pictures from time to time but it appears to me that you take real photographs….

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  5. Extraordinary – looks more insect-like when closely cropped!

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  6. Who would have thought it!xxx

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