Quo Vadis!!!



smile emoticon kolobok

Alas, the voice of Reason must resign,
When Ignorance to Bigotry decline,
Compassion will secede,
Intol’rance will accede,
To self-destruct Humanity confine!

© Meanderings 2016

19 responses to “Quo Vadis!!!

  1. I find that image intriguing.And I like the verse.:)xx

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  2. Yeah, can you tell us a little about the image. It is a little strange and almost menacing. Lovely verse.

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  3. Interesting verse and image….it looks like tarantula legs!

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  4. Great verse an most interesting image.

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  5. Your words are true. Our lives depend on this!

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  6. haunting lyrics.. at first glimpse the image seems ominous, something ugly and alien…but in reality, once we know what it is, it is apparent that the thing is something quite lovely.

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