Robin in the Snow


Eloquent Stillness!
Not a whiff of evening breeze –
Robin calls his mate!

© Meanderings 2016

13 responses to “Shhhh…..Listen…

  1. I love the redbreasted robin! We have lots of them in Norway 😊😊

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  2. Beautiful photo. Love your thoughts.

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  3. beautiful picture, but that is a different robin than what we have here in Georgia. Does the robin signify the coming spring in your part of the world as it does here? Actually, on closer examination, this looks very much like a slightly different colored female of the blue bird family.

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    • This is definitely a ‘robin redbreast’…They do appear even in the snow…there seems to a a resident ‘pair’ in the neighbouring gardens. 😉

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      • It is somewhat different than the ones we have here but I noticed that the ones in my lovely wife’s home country of Colombia are even more different than yours. Makes the world more interesting to see the differences that can occur in things that have such a similarity as the Robins…


  4. What? Spring has sprung? Lovely.

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