Fallen (WP)


Ill will rebounds,
Pray, do not kismet dare,
Grave consequence good sense confounds,
Take Care!

© Meanderings 2016

P.S. Exploring the Cinquain Format! 😉

33 responses to “Caution!!!!

  1. Keep your ears and eyes open, and mind clear. Nice post and bloom Elliot.

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  2. You mastered this form for sure! Great way to live, too!

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  3. Always a big thank you….love this. xxx

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  4. Caution! I love it… so is this a Cinquain? Copy cat that I am maybe I will try one if I can figure out the rules.

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  5. Ah yes…Karma! what goes around, comes

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  6. too late now…I am into it now. I did find a more bite-size site…which I am printing out on paper. I know, I’m an old luddite…but I work better on paper when trying to digest information.

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  7. Linguistics was my first choice when I transferred to the university, but i moved into History instead.

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