Sweet Silence!


Silent Witness!

When Sleep her leave takes
Hear the Sound of Silence sing
Dulcet tune that slakes,
Comfort to the soul to bring,
Hope in heart shall ever spring!

© Meanderings 2016

14 responses to “Sweet Silence!

  1. Yes, sometimes silence seems louder than words and heavier than an anvil..

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  2. Not trying to be cute, there truly is a sound of silence. Beautiful words!

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  3. We are usualy so busy to hear it.

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  4. Ahhhh, how beautiful, your poem, image and the deep peace that true silence can bring.xxx

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  5. A walled garden not far away has a lovely silence.:)xx

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  6. A splendid write. Beautiful words. Silence is probably the one “sound ” that can have so many connotations. What else can provoke fear, demonstrate a woman’s anger, or live us in bliss?

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