Natural Balance?

Janus into distance stares,
Frowns upon his foreheads bears,
Wonder in the Future sees,
Sadness in the Past he grieves,
Good in heart believes.

Weather gods their counsel keep,
Humankind with doubt to steep,
Snow in Summer, Winter Mild,
Calm in Autumn, Springtime Wild,
Weathermen beguiled!

Cautiously they tread the street,
Wary of Midsummer sleet,
Youngsters on their sleds have fun,
In the absence of the Sun,
Rather walk than run!

Woollies in the Sun do well,
Icy winds sting, children yell,
Juno can no comfort bring,
Biting breezes dirges sing,
No bird on the wing!

Adaptation be the rule,
For the Wise but not the Fool,
To survive in Nature’s Book,
Comfort zones must be forsook,
To ourselves we look!

© Meanderings 2016

19 responses to “Confounded….

  1. The weather has been all mixed up!

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  2. Love this….I was immediately taken to my childhood. There was a silver bell in the house and the handle was Janus – looking both ways:) Like so much that’s happening in our world today….I fear any half hearted intervention by man to clear up his greedy mess….is too little too late. On a lighter note…have a beautiful day…Janet. xxx

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    • Thanks Janet….Yes, I vaguely remember seeing something like this bell when we lived in London.
      Indeed….Half-hearted efforts are unlikely to have much effect…if any.
      Have a super week-end.Hugs! ❤

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  3. Very nice. Perfect rhythm and rhymn. The weather here in NYC has been a roller coaster ride. One day its spring the next winter frost.

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  4. Wow…The people here in the South are conceited indeed. So many have said this area is having the strangest winter ever. I try to tell them it has happened before and the entire world fluctuates; sometimes more, sometimes less. I vaguely remember the winter of ’55-’56 being mild and the winter of ’83-’84 was so mild I planted my garden in February but I remember some rather cold ones, too.

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  5. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day!
    Arcane owl

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  6. We in NZ had our out of kilter weather too, in recent days. Still windy but the sun came back. Nice writing Elliot.

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  7. this guy could use a back scratcher 🙂


  8. ah…the weather gods know what they are doing, trying to beguile us…there is really no such thing as “normal” weather… woolybears make more sense than the meteorologists! 🙂 I love this rhyme you have written here…fun and observation is a nice combination.


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