Blessings for 2016

Droplet in Pouch (WP)

Treasures of 2016

As dispensation ‘Old’ draws to its close,
Let no one questions of its going pose,
Relinquish all regret,
Be Thankful, ne’er forget,
To Kindness in the New our hearts dispose!

© Meanderings 2015

8 responses to “Blessings for 2016

  1. Forward march! Leave the past behind.

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  2. Many blessings to you in 2016!

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  3. Good morning dear Bushka…and a very happy new year to you and Pat…I have loved following your posts throughout 2015, and now look forward to much more during the coming year. Here’s to all things creative. I will be back on board on 4th January. xxx

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    • Thanks Janet…..Much appreciated. Yes, sentiments are mutual…Treasure your friendship….Looking forward to the ensuing year….Have a fab time….Be seeing you. Love and Hugs from both of us. ❤

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  4. What a lovely poem and image. All the very best to you and yours for

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