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In Anticipation…

smile emoticon kolobok

In preparation for the halcyon days,
Hear wand’ring minstrels sing their choral lays,
Once in a far-off town,
An infant of renown,
Was born to set eternity ablaze!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

15 responses to “Hear…Hear…Hear…

  1. A real Christmas message….thank you:)xxx

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  2. wifeyhereandnow

    I rather like that! – Wifey

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  3. Now, if we could figure out what that day really is…..But I don’t think it was ever intended for man to know the actual date. Look what has been done so far. Christ is our Savior but man has relegated Him to dollar signs…

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  4. A wonderful Christmas message as only you can.

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  5. I can hear them now. The message is yours in your own way.

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