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Prospective parents of a first born child,
Must know their future lives shall be restyled,
The Two will soon be Three,
Adjustments to agree,
Some precious past-times have to be exiled!

Β© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

37 responses to “Firstborn….

  1. …And how!
    Interesting metaphoric imagery.

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  2. Exciled pasttimes. Great line; great poem!

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  3. Oh how true. No one can really be prepared for the reality:)xxx

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  4. Very appropriate for us physically. My eldest granddaughter had her firstborn son one year ago – our first great-grandchild. Number two is due round February.

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  5. beautiful sentiments, truer words never spoken

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  6. Interesting, well written, with a nice flow. A first child does changes everything.

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