Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Snowdrop (WP)

New Dawn Beckons…

smile emoticon kolobok

Winter mild prevails,
Gentle rains caress new buds,
Snowdrops on display!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

22 responses to “Can Spring Be Far Behind?

  1. Thanks for making me think of spring on this chilly morning.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing….snowdrops already displaying and daffodils! Thank you, Bushka…have a beautiful day…xxx

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  3. Mild; depends where you live on this Sceptered Isle Bushka.
    We are a little milder today from near zero,
    tomorrow here will be back to euphemistic ‘cooler’


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  4. Won’t be too long Elliot.

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  5. Oh, how lovely to know you have snowdrops already! It has been really mild!xxx

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  6. It does one’s heart goof to see them and read your words.xx

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  7. Wow! Feels like Spring is here already. Another fine shot, Bushka….snowdrops look so delicate, don’t they?

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  8. we are grateful for the extended moderate days here in Ohio, where any weather can happen. 60 degrees F in mid-December is a gift! Nice. verse, lovely buds. 🙂

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