Lo, He Comes…

White Rose (WP)


smile emoticon kolobok

Expectant maiden, like a rose in bloom,
Irradiates the joy within her womb,
Demure, her smiling eyes,
Excel a Spring sunrise,
Panache infuses air like a perfume.

Her humble innocence shall all disarm,
Unfounded reprobation meets with calm,
Inelegant’s assail,
Not ever shall prevail,
Her destiny shall never come to harm.

Devoted faithful thus await the Time,
To celebrate again the birth sublime,
A stumbling block for some,
Forever to become,
Humanity’s salvation paradigm.

Β© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok


14 responses to “Lo, He Comes…

  1. That is quite perfect.:)xx

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  2. Agreat bloom Elliot, well written about.

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  3. very beautiful, appropriate and timely tribute to the Blessed Mother.

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  4. Beautiful and timely. Love this piece.

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