Golden Visitors!

IMG_8124 (WP)


smile emoticon kolobok

Fine feathered friends converge for evening fare,
Their golden plumage paints a picture rare,
Full four and twenty then
Alight on feeders ten,
Relying on their natural bent to share!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

15 responses to “Golden Visitors!

  1. Those birds are so pretty.

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  2. What a beautiful thought….nothing like birds to sooth the soul:)xxx

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  3. The photo has a feeling of joy and humour.I like your alliteration.Haev you been reading that Manley Hopkins again?xx

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  4. How Marvelous that you have so many of these little beauties!!! They will certainly thank you for the

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  5. Lovely. You blog is like a breath of fresh air. You always have such beautiful thoughts on your page.

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