Be Still….

Knowing all(WP)

Time to Reflect!

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Anticipation moves the faithful heart
From frantic helter-skelter to depart,
In quiet reverie,
A greater truth to see,
Upon that birth devotion to impart!

© Meanderings 2015

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15 responses to “Be Still….

  1. Can u explain the post to me?

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  2. In the nature of my poetic writing style – minimalist – to create images to convey meaning….Ask yourself….’What is this saying to me?’.
    Hint: At this time of year….people are preparing for something…. 😉


  3. Wisdom indeed.:)xx

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  4. Tender and strong devotion!! Lovely!

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  5. Another year ready to say goodbye. Time to take a break and ANALYSE.

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  6. Today for the first time for a long time there is space to slow down and ‘be still’ – very necessary for spiritual, mental and physical health – and very important indeed at this time of year, to recapture the inner meaning of Christmas’. Devotion is such a lovely word and so seldom used these days, it seems. Thank you for recalling us to our foundations!

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  7. Beautiful. You have such a lovely style of writing.

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