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Azalea (WP)


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Transported to the realms of ecstasy,
Within the chants of sacred psalmody,
The spirit levitates,
Cold heart rejuvenates,
All ‘Ups and Downs’ depart in harmony!

© Meanderings 2015

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S.O.S. Please HELP!


Get Me Out of Here!

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I’m Stuck! Stumped! Where else can I turn?

Someone ‘out there’…or here on WordPress must be able to get me out of my ‘agony’.

I’m not IT Savvy….very much on a continuing steep learning curve. Like many folks around here I enjoy blogging – ready and prepared to learn.


How do I resolve my continuing problem of NOT receiving E-mail Notifications for posts or comments?

Googling the problem in whatever shape refers me inevitably to Forums/Discussions etc….some suggestions of which are couched in ‘Tech Lingo’ with which I am not familiar….

PLEASE…..Can someone give me some simple advice?

I shall be eternally grateful for any help that leads to the resolution of my problem.

Thank You in anticipation!


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Orpheus Awake!

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When sleep takes her leave
In the stillness of the night –
Idle thoughts take flight.

© Meanderings 2015

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Vanity! Vanity!

Trapped! (WP)

Final Outcome….

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Encumbered by a chronic lack of care,
The privileged their arrogance lay bare,
Excuses oft abound
Unfairness to confound,
But ne’er a thought their status to forswear.

Then comes the time for Reaper to attend,
When all and sundry reap their dividend,
No measure of success
Shall Destiny redress,
The Elements consume all in the End!

Vain aspiration is a transient cause,
Life’s deeper values beg command a pause –
The joy of what’s To Be
In Here-and-Now you see,
Priorities appraised will gain applause!

© Meanderings 2015

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To See or Not To See!

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The beggar sat numb,
Passers-by barely noticed;
A child stopped and smiled!

©Meanderings 2015.

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