Vanity! Vanity!

Trapped! (WP)

Final Outcome….

smile emoticon kolobok

Encumbered by a chronic lack of care,
The privileged their arrogance lay bare,
Excuses oft abound
Unfairness to confound,
But ne’er a thought their status to forswear.

Then comes the time for Reaper to attend,
When all and sundry reap their dividend,
No measure of success
Shall Destiny redress,
The Elements consume all in the End!

Vain aspiration is a transient cause,
Life’s deeper values beg command a pause –
The joy of what’s To Be
In Here-and-Now you see,
Priorities appraised will gain applause!

Β© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

11 responses to “Vanity! Vanity!

  1. of course I love this photo, the homage paid to the flower remnant. by the spider is lovely. nice significance to the poem …:-)

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  2. beauty in the eye of the beholder

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  3. Ah, seeing this forlorn and neglected “dancing fairy” again makes me smile…I might liken her to a ballet class for the very elderly (even more elderly than me) … ah yes, beauty may fade but not the memory of beauty

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