Be Enlightened!

smile emoticon kolobok

‘Tis not the weak that spurns the thought of pain,
Nor foolish who from conflict would abstain,
Compassion as a Guide
With Courage by her side,
A wholesome world of concord can attain!

Β© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

12 responses to “Strength!!!!!

  1. I had, in my frustrations, just thought …”give me strength” then I saw your post. Hallelujah!

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  2. the message of this poem is poignant and full of meaning, for me anyway, tas applied to the world situation.

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  3. Strength of mind for sure. Powerful image.

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  4. I love this, courage and compassion are both wonderful qualities, add strength and it’s the perfect combination. If only us humans could have just one quality though….you do write

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