Lunch Time Concert!

Eloquent Music!!!

Eloquent Music!!!

smile emoticon kolobok

Callisthenic fingers dance
Across those ivories,
Her mesmerising mien entrance
The soul to reveries-
In realms of fantasies.

Compelling posture feasts the eye,
Irradiating Joy,
Impoverished hearts to fortify
With hope of love to cloy –
No need for being coy!

Seraphic sound in ambience reign,
By stillness sweet enhanced,
No intervening crude dare deign
For fear of being lanced –
Let pleasure be advanced!

Thus did the damsel hold full sway,
Enchanting all around,
Appreciate display!
Appeals for more abound-
Applause throughout resound!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

9 responses to “Lunch Time Concert!

  1. This is very beautiful….thank you. Janet. xxx

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  2. Thank you Janet. Concert yesterday. Superb. What a fine lass – accomplished pianist. Hugs.


  3. lovely, the rose is so inspiring :–) it actually spoke to me

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  4. Take it easy…….just let things ‘be’…. 😉 Hugs! ❤


  5. How lovely, I can almost hear her. And such a stunning rose

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