In Passing…..



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Thoughts of yester year’s delight
In our childhood dawn,
Fade with fast approaching night,
As to age we fawn,
Can leave us woebegone!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

10 responses to “In Passing…..

  1. Let us not be saddened by lost dreams, They were after all, those of youth and inexperience. We have to come to terms with them, and be happy with what we ended up with. Lovely image.

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  2. Ahhhh…yes, time creeps up on all of us!xxx

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  3. Candles are fascinating! Time to learn how to enjoy the present, be thankful for the past, and take the future on trust …

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  4. there you are…the chat thingy was down I think. Nice work, as always.

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