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The wake of wild pursuit of wealth,
Trails poor disharmony,
Resentment spawns with seasoned stealth,
Severe acrimony –
Beware hegemony!

We enter an unequal world,
When born to poverty,
No shelter from vile insults hurled,
Nor glimpse of Liberty –
Condemned to Misery!

What gain be there in surfeit wares
When Styx us all awaits,
The less we have, the fewer cares
To merge our diverse fates –
Thanatos all conflates!

Would that a Council of the gods,
Some power shall release
Upon divisive anthropods,
Their avarice to cease –
And seek to live in Peace!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

7 responses to “Peace!!!!

  1. And nothing improves the lot of the impoverished in mind,body and soul. Wonderful image.

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  2. Powerful words and a wonderful image. I am so saddened by the state of our world today….and basically our woes come down to greed – enormous greed. When will we learn? I don’t think we will….a power of the Gods is needed to sort the mess out. Thank you, Bushka…and hope you enjoy a peaceful and loving Sunday…janet. xxx

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  3. A mighty powerful poem with the perfect image! It’s awful to think that so little has changed and war rages on…xxx


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