smile emoticon kolobok

She wore a veil of loneliness
That smarted every eye;
Her furtive smile betrayed despair,
Her gestures pain belie –
Such suff’ring all decry!

The gentle touch of kindness hand
Fuels embers in her heart;
Into her being’s hinterland
Spread flames, hope to impart –
Distress, anon depart!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

16 responses to “Help!!!

  1. Aging, forgotten and kindness awakens those old memories.

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  2. Now it’s on google plus!!

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  3. It doesn’t cost much to reach out with kindness to another.

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  4. Breathtakingly poignant, and the yellow rose is lovely. 🙂

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  5. Ahhhh, that really is lovely and so moving. Love the piccie

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  6. Jennifer Novotney

    I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award!! 🙂

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