Anxious Moments…

Take Cover!

Take Cover!

smile emoticon kolobok
As shadows lengthen on the beach
And Winter beaks his bite,
The vulnerable for woollies reach,
And fragile soon takes flight –
To flee approaching night!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

10 responses to “Anxious Moments…

  1. Great bird photo. I love the way his wings are ready for the big take off!

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  2. Perfect image and words:)

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  3. I’d lovw to be there watching the bird.:)xx

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  4. he does look for all the world like a jet ready to soar into the blue yonder. it must have taken some patience, and a lot of shots, to capture this one.

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  5. What a brilliant shot of the gull! A marvelous poem too!xxx

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