smile emoticon kolobok
Many moons have waxed and waned,
Hope began to fade;
Patience whispered, ‘Be Not Drained’,
All shall be well made –
Now fears have been allayed!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

11 responses to “Tempered!!!

  1. Patience has become such a Cinderella, and she is so crucial.

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  2. Patience proved to be a virtue.

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  3. Although many changes are sudden; many are also slow – the seeds of which are sown well in the past; and the change appears sudden but is not….patience is master of the latter!

    lovely blue sky in your photo. Hope you are well?

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  4. Ah yes!!! Well written!xxx

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  5. I admire the tree against the blue sky. we have an old American Elm which has fallen, your photo reminded me of the Elm. they used to be considered a weed or nuisance tree and most have disappeared…this old guy is dying gracefully.

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