Here and Now!



smile emoticon kolobok

Not for tomorrow’s world feel fear,
Nor yearn for yesterday’s,
The distant hills are too unclear,
What’s gone lives in a haze –
Let Here and Now amaze!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

13 responses to “Here and Now!

  1. Yes, the here and now. Very nice Elliot.


  2. I so agree….let the here and now amaze….and what a beautiful, peaceful image…..Janet. xxx

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  3. Living in the here and now is not easy. It means that you have to leave your worries behind.

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  4. Such a very neat turn of phrase! And quite right too. xx

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  5. That is beautiful.X

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  6. I loved this, all we truly have is the present, and that’s what it is, a gift. Such a calming pic!xxx

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