Let It Be!

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

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The silent suff’rer sheds no tears,
No woeful word from her is heard,
Warm smiling eyes betray no fears,
No patent sign of pain deferred;

A stoic stares indifferently,
His sphinx-like face a joyless mask;
Secreted thoughts a deep Dead Sea,
To salvage these a fruitless task;

As Summer Sun her passage wends,
Autumnal Chill his counsel keeps;
When Winter’s Frost his presence tends,
Spring’s vibrant colours snugly sleeps.

Fair destined Life her course needs run,
For consummation to be done!

© Meanderings 2015

smile emoticon kolobok

10 responses to “Let It Be!

  1. A very beautiful poem…speaking so beautifully of human nature and mother nature. Along with another beautiful image….thank you. xxx

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  2. Great image Elliot and old man winter warms to summer in due course. Not before time here in the southern zones. Been a cold wet winter. Some say the worst in 50 years. Climate change or cyclical climate? Take your pick!


  3. I like the color of that rose 🙂

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  4. Wow….I loved your poem! You do have such a fantastic way with words. That rose is a stunner too!xxx

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  5. Just been reading the blog of my ‘suicidal friend’ – your first verse sums it up so accurately. Some people feel that life is always winter and never Christmas … 😦

    I love the colour of your rose.

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