Be Kind!

Random Kindness.

Random Kindness.

smile emoticon kolobok
No more dissent or mindless moans
Put fits of pique aside;
Enough of senseless silly groans
That widen all divides-
Let kindness be your guide!

Meanderings 2015.

smile emoticon kolobok


16 responses to “Be Kind!

  1. Beautiful….and such wise words. Another amazing image….your photography is superb. Enjoy this wonderful autumn weekend. Janet. xxxx

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  2. Thank you Peter. 🙂


  3. What a bright bird.. your photos are really fine… and your words too.Thank you… it’s cheering to see the colours like that.:)xx


  4. This touches my heart…
    May I have kindness within me and show it to all of creation.

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  5. How very apposite! We need so much to learn the art of disagreeing in kindness.

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  6. Love it like most of them you post.X


  7. Such a beautiful bird!

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  8. That is wonderful and I just LOVE your woodpecker, such a stunning

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