Courage to 'Be'

Courage to ‘Be’

smile emoticon kolobok

Be by none deceived,
Be by none e’er confounded,
Be but who you are!


Meanderings (2015)

smile emoticon kolobok

22 responses to “Be!!!!

  1. Indeed….to thine own self be true!xxx

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  2. Your words and image here are absolutely stunning. What a lovely way to get back to blogging:) Janet. xxx

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  3. I was going to say ‘it takes courage just to be yourself’ … but I see you got there ahead of me 😉 Wonderful image and of course I enjoy the pun!

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  4. I like to buzz over and see what’s new on your blog 😉

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  5. What a wonderful image..really good as are the words.Yes,it is nice to have you here and more people can see your fine work too.:)xx

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  6. Be… Be… Be, but who you are. It takes a wise mind to spur others to be, who they are.

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  7. he seems to have dark glasses on….remarkable photo 🙂

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