smile emoticon kolobok

Undaunted by adversity,
Reliant on her roots,
Like reeds that bend their pliant stems,
When river overshoots,
Fair courage all salutes!


Meanderings 2015.

smile emoticon kolobok

16 responses to “Onward…Upward!!

  1. Life is a continuous fight for survival. A very impressive image for it is the picture and the poem. Thanks, Eliott.

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  2. Amazing roots!

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  3. Upwards to the light. It is all about survival.

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  4. I love that.X

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  5. That’s a fascinating photo: and you’re right, there is something eminently praiseworthy about courage. (My niggling antennae suggest that the final verb should be plural???) 😉

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  6. Of course it is … apologies!!

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  7. What a fantastic poem and fascinating image!xxx

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  8. I really love this photograph; it’s fantastic.And so is the poem

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