Let's Live!!!!

Let’s Live!!!!

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Fear not the dark burgeoning storm clouds,
Nor thunder’s rumbling refrain
Heed not the clarion calls of doubt,
Learn to dance merrily in the rain.


(Mindful Musings 2013)

smile emoticon kolobok


14 responses to “Life……

  1. I recently played table tennis in the rain. It focuses the mind.

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  2. It is refreshing too – as long as you don’t get soaked.

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  3. I love this one….and yes that’s what I plan to do….dance in the rain:) Have a wonderful weekend…Janet. xxx


  4. Fürchte weder das dunkle Aufquellen von Sturmwolken
    noch den Widerhall des Donnergrollens.
    Gib dem fanfarenhaften Ruf der Zweifel keinen Raum,
    sondern lerne vergnügt im Regen zu tanzen.

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  5. Rain has a nice smell.

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  6. See it all as an adventure!

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  7. I love the photo and the words

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