smile emoticon kolobok

Stillness speaks with frozen tongue
To insensate heart,
Wordless thoughts it will impart,
No praise will go unsung –
Dissonance far flung!



smile emoticon kolobok


19 responses to “Mindful!!!!

  1. Love the flame…at least that is what it appears to be. It ties in well with tongue and frozen.

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  2. That is lovely bushka.XXX


  3. Forgot to say i have changed my name from avenscent to freespirit got a bit bored with avenscent after so many years.XXX

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  4. As ever wonderful words and image….they marry very well…Janet. xxx

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  5. I agree with Janet.:)xxx

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  6. You do have such a talent for this….loved the image with those words.xxx

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  7. Now there’s something to make me think. Why is the tongue frozen, when silence can be so eloquent? And if the flame of love warms it … ah, what happens then?!

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  8. So much wisdom in your words.

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