Two Little Monsters….

Watch Those Ears!

Watch Those Ears!

smile emoticon kolobok

Two little monsters, Must and Ought,
Command the worlds of one and all;
Havoc to many lives have brought,
Responding to their beck and call.

Fine feathered ‘Must’, highly appraised,
Offers attractive personal gain;
Our trusty loyal standards raised,
Enslavement treated with disdain.

‘Ought’, the subtle slave-driver,
Thrives on all emotional needs;
To former favours he’ll refer,
Till he becomes your living creed.

Exquisite charmers are these clones,
Master craftsmen of disguise;
Floating in and out like drones,
To the end with life’s demise.


(From: Late Harvest ’09)

smile emoticon kolobok

20 responses to “Two Little Monsters….

  1. Thought provoking.

    How did you get your emoticons to work here?

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  2. A fascinating piece….thank you, Bushka. xxx

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  3. Thanks Janet! Yes, we are all beset by these two. 😉 Hugs. xxx


  4. A good reminder to watch these two trouble makers.

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  5. Oh dear – and very unwelcome house guests they can be, requiring some self-awareness in order to disentangle them from their lookalike brother, ‘responsibility’ … ! What a delightful photo. Did you take it?

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  6. How very interesting! Much to think on, I LOVE the pic!xxx

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  7. Lovely images Bushka 🙂 will you and the good lady be going back out to S Africa this year ? xx

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  8. Oh ok must be wonderful to visit 🙂


  9. I love this! Must and ought try to hound me as well. L-)

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