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Compassion for the destitute,
Kind gestures to the vulnerable,
Essential gifts of care!

From selfless, sunny temperament
To sacrificial self-denial,
True nurture’s spirit loves!

Perception of such attributes,
Regarded as most honourable,
We stop to stand and stare!

Sequential to high compliment
Of kindness offered with a smile,
Humanity improves!

Consideration of the weak,
Of more enduring values speak!


From Mindful Musings.

smile emoticon kolobok

14 responses to “Nurture!!!

  1. This is so perfect for now….as we see so many people without home, food, care etc….we all need to show great compassion at this time.
    Beautiful words as ever and the photograph is stunning. Janet. xxx

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  2. I love this, if only everyone saw it this way the world would be a better place…xxx


  3. A simple smile to someone living on their own as you pass, coud be the most important thing they receive all day.

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  4. Love this musing says so much we need to show compassion to these unfortunate people fleeing their country the German people have the right attitude in welcoming them the UK need to do the same …

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  5. The world definitely needs more kindness.

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  6. Indeed, Elliot – kindness, nurture, compassion, self-denial – are we old-fashioned to hold these virtues dear?

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  7. I happened to visit the other day a recently opened asylum for refugees near-by and got some insight into the life of the refugees and the people who are caring for them.
    “We are endlessly grateful to be here,” told us a young African. And his gratitude seemed to be deeply honest.
    A statement from one of the incredibly involved volunteers was: “We also get back very much for it.”
    If you can read German see more in

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