Rhythm of Opposites!

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The sun will rise and set,
The Moon shall wax and wane,
The Tide will flow and ebb,
Inexorably, unendingly.

Summer will succeed Spring,
Winter will follow Autumn,
Spring shall issue from Winter,
Autumn tail out the Summer.

Plenty depleted, famine ensues,
Abundant rain, crippling drought,
April showers, fresh green shoots,
Refreshing colours, fruitful smiles.

Where there is no sound, silence,
Stillness marred by clamour;
In the absence of activity, calm,
Serenity is disturbed by busyness.

Peace is blighted by conflict,
Love is scarred by hate,
Hostility resolved, peace restored,
Hate dissolved, love enriched.

Thus swings the pendulum to and fro,
Constantly, consistently, measured,
To predetermined space and distance,
Thus is the rhythm of the opposites.

What has gone, must needs return,
Successively recurring template,
Alas, that which lives must die,
Can this be the only exception?


From: Late Harvest (2009)

smile emoticon kolobok

9 responses to “Rhythm of Opposites!

  1. What beautiful writing and image. ….The poem has a lovely rhythm and flow. Thank you. Janet. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Janet.It is a beautifully crafted poem with much food for thought.:)xx

    Liked by 1 person

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